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Now you can make your own custom logo thin Cialde crackers and wafers with your company or restaurant name on them. Just send us a hi-res (300 dpi) file of your logo and we'll send you a proof before we send it out for engraving and then, upon your approval, will have it casted on our Cialde Wafer iron press.

We will add your logo to all seven icon plate design positions. See photo.

The whole process should be done in 1-2 weeks, if not sooner. Save 10% when you order two or more wafer irons. Add NAME10 in the Coupon Box to receive your discount upon checkout.

Our exclusive Italian Cialde Wafer Iron was inspired by an antique wafer press that originated from Pistoia, Italy in the 1800's. According to local Tuscan folklore, convent nuns made Eucharistic hosts for the local churches during the Renaissance period. During festival times, they would add sugar and anise seeds for a unique sweet treat!

Our updated replica press is fully functional and is hand crafted right here in southern California. We start by sand casting molten aluminum in a local foundry, then sand blasting and polishing the two round plates. We then add hand bent aluminum rods and two California wooden handles that are also made by hand on a lathe. The entire process entails 23 hand crafted steps! The result is a beautiful family heirloom that can be enjoyed now and passed down to future generations.

Being Italian artisans, we researched the Tuscan landscape for seven classic designs that symbolize our Italian heritage: keys of heaven, olive branch, sunflower, wax seal, the letter "V,", a flower vase, and a fluer-di-lis, the symbol for the city of Florence, our favorite.

Our Cialde Wafer Iron makes a very thin cracker about the size of a half dollar. The original Old World recipe is an Anise version but we have made a host of other Italian flavors both sweet and savory: Lemoncello, Amaretto, Hazelnut, Espresso, Raspberry, Cinnamon along with Rosemary, Parmesan, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, and Red Chili. Making the dough is really simple so our flavor list grows every day! Create your own family favorite for everyday enjoyment and for any cultural cuisine. Or start your own holiday cookie tradition.

We also created "how to" videos so you can start right off making these unique wafers. It's takes only a few seconds for each side and can be done on both a gas or electric heat source. Going camping or tailgating? We take along a small butane travel stove which works great whenever and wherever we make Cialde. Iron comes already seasoned so you will be ready to go.

Finally, we also include a natural twill storage bag that features our hand sewn Our Home Village patch and a recipe guide for quick reference.


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